Load Lifter – 4400 Series

Our first model, the 4400 series continues to be a machine that can be used in the worst conditions and still provide reliable performance.

Utilizing four equal wheels, and having full time four wheel drive, the 4400 series is found on all types of construction sites, lumber applications, military bases, mine sites and government utility operations. A high seating position offers the operator a great jobsite perspective and allows for safe material handling in all types of terrain. The F-Series models offers the widest range of capacities which includes our newest F-Series 10-16,000 lbs. capacity. Our 2 newest models also include the 4400-25F with 25,000 lbs. capacity and the 4400-30F with 30,000 lbs. capacity.


  • Full time four wheel drive
  • Large operators compartment
  • High visibility operator seating position
  • Convenient ergonomic controls
  • Large equal wheels for excellent tractive effort and floatation
  • High strength rigid welded frame assembly [No articulation]
  • Componentized power train
  • 99 ~ 225 Hp diesel engines available [Depending on capacity range]
  • Large outboard planetary drive axles
  • Full power oil immersed disc brakes
  • Three steering modes [All wheel, Rear wheels only, Crab]
  • Standard full power shift transmissions
  • Finger tip steering even at low engine idle
  • Very tight turn radius
  • 5,000 ~ 30,000 LBS capacity available
  • Five different chassis configurations
  • Full range of C-Thru masts
  • Roomy well equipped optional Cab assembly

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