Modular very narrow aisle (VNA) dual purpose combi truck Capacity up to 1.500 kg K

4 different cabins available – Combi cabin (combined picking/stacking) – Truck cabin for seated operation – Comfort cabin with + 200 mm depth – Cold store cabin (-30 degrees) 3 Reduced shock and vibration due to the isolation of the cab 3 Easy and low access height 3 Various comfortable and adjustable seat options

Linde System Control (LSC)

LSC-Standard: Dynamical diagram of residual capacity depending on the actual lifting height 3 LSC-load recognition: Optimation of shift, swiveling, suppl. lift 3 LSC-load sensor: Optimation of shift, swiveling, suppl. lift + driving 3 LSC-weight sensor: Detection of weight: Drive, lift, shift optimation according to the exact weight.

Modular concept
Unique modular design concept enables the perfect specification for each application: 3 Combination of different lift and drive motors (light, normal, heavy duty) 3 Truck capacities from 0,5 t to 1,5 t 3 Cabins optimized for picking or storage or combined use 3 Various chassis width

Control panels
2 control panel options for perfect customisation: 3 Front control panel for full pallet handling 3 Split control for order picking or full pallet handling

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