ELECTRIC NARROW AISLE – 5215 – Order Picker – V15

Linde Series 5215 Five Features Operator Comfort: Large operator compartment, foot room, and brake area with a premium floor mat to ensure enough space to comfortably change foot positioning throughout the day. Open Access to Components: Full access to key components is achieved without tools and directly in front of technician. Curve Control: Linde curve control automatically reduces driving speed depending on steering angle, ensuring an extra level of safety. Unique Clamp Design: Automatically clamps and centers pallets with any stringer, ranging from 1” to 5”, eliminating the need for standardization of pallets or the use of workarounds. Control Handle: The multi-function control handle is stationary, allowing a solid 4-point stance position in the operator compartment with the use of a thumb tiller to travel. This handle has eliminated any wrist movements while keeping the operator feeling attached to the truck at all times

→ The Series 5215 utilizes 100% AC Motor Technology along with the latest controls allows the operator to smoothly operate the truck
→ Operators benefit from sealed critical harness connections and solid-state components
→ Linde’s well known ergonomic controls provide a sure grip increasing operator productivity and confidence
→ A one-piece low profile design cover requires no tools and provides better visibility and full access to key components
→ CAN-bus design and diagnostics can be controlled through a single point plug and fault codes can be easily displayed

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