Pushing Limits: The new generation of R14 – R20 reach trucks

R14, R16 The R14 – R 20 is an extremely versatile truck, designed for the widest possible range of applications: Offering bespoke, cost-effective, and highly productive narrow aisle storage solutions.

Clear-view torsion resistant fixed masts with integrated side shift and tilting carriage • Rapid lift, lower and reach speeds. Lift height display above the free lift • Induction-hardened reach channels • Effortless electric steering. Powerful maintenancefree, AC traction, lift and steering motors • Four independent braking systems. Automatic speed control when cornering • Comprehensive digital instrument display


Revolutionary suspended Ergo-Space operator’s workstation • Rheological electric steering with variable torque feedback • Linde twin accelerator pedals • Integrated, adjustable control console • Air suspension seat, which automatically adjusts to operator’s weight. Seat has height, rake, lateral and lumbar adjustments • Digital instrument display• Dual axis, joystick control • Low, non-slip access step • Various storage pockets for documents and personal items
Cushioned mast stop at maximum lift • Precision, Linde Load Control • Automatic parking and holding brake functions • Four independent braking systems • Load wheel brakes as standard • Cushioned reach travel stops • Seat interlock switch • Dual, safety related electrical circuits • Battery lock interlock

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