Announcing the high performance, 100% AC powered, electric truck series, 387 and 388: Models E20 P/600 H to E50 P/600 HL. Wherever you plan to use them, we have a model precisely matched to your needs.

Top-mounted tilt cylinders
Top mounted tilt cylinders make use of basic laws of physics by utilizing the principle and advantage of levers. The high mounting makes it easier to stabilize the mast and the result is less mechanical stress on the chassis and better stability, especially with the load elevated.

Dual motor drive axle
Two drive motors, placed in a tough cast iron axle, help to actively control all truck movements. Not only the obvious forward and reverse travel; this system also facilitates turning the truck in the smallest aisle possible. After the steer wheel angle exceeds 70 degrees, the inside wheel dynamically counter-rotates. Not only does Linde provide the tightest turning truck, this system also contributes to minimizing energy consumption and reducing tire wear. All of this without the need for a differential gear box.

Patented “combi” steering axle
Here is another Linde patent, the combi axle. This system allows the 387 4-wheel trucks to turn as though they were 3-wheelers. In order to maneuver a curve, both steering wheels adjust to allow the truck to rotate around the center of the front axle. Together with the dual motor drive, the truck essentially turns in its own length.

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