1279 – E60 – E80/900

CAPACITY: 13,000 – 17,500 lbs. E60 – E80/900 SERIES 1279
Handling loads up to 17,500 lbs. means safety is top priority. The overhead guard forms a strong, protective enclosure providing optimum structural integrity, safety and comfort to the operator. The unique mast design, with its slim profile, enables outstanding visibility and safety while handling loads.
High-capacity electric forklifts are expected to deliver high performance. Two powerful traction motors, maintenance-free brakes and intelligent electronic controls deliver the highest level of productivity. Precise control and performance at a maximum speed of 10 mph with and without load ensures maximum productivity.
Working efficiently for extended periods is only possible with a comfortable operator. An ergonomic layout of the controls, adjustability of the armrest and seat, patented Linde Load Control, dual pedal directional control and the innovative cushioning of the operator cab provide the best possible intuitive interface between truck and operator.
The Linde electronic control system provides the highest level of both because of its dual circuit monitoring capability and totally sealed housing, which provide high IP protection against moisture, abrasives and corrosives. With the aid of the diagnostic tool, Linde truck systems are fully monitored and set to individual needs. Productivity

The Linde energy management system ensures intelligent and economical energy consumption. The projected remaining linde_spec_1279_0117 USA_v1_01022017-0732 operating time is automatically calculated for the operator.

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