Blue Giant – LPJ-44 Lithium Powered Pallet Truck

Our 4,400 lb capacity fully electric pallet truck is the most capable and maneuverable product in its class. Featuring a 48V BLDC permanent magnet motor and large easy exchange Li-ion battery, the LPJ-44 will move heavy loads around your facility or make deliveries all day long. When coupled with an optional additional easy exchange Li-ion battery, you can achieve infinite duty cycles thanks to their rapid recharge rate and extended run time.


  • 4,400 lb (1,995 kg)


  • 48 Volt 30AH rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Variable speed from 0 mph to 3.7 mph empty
  • Variable speed from 0 mph to 3.3 mph loaded
  • 3.5 hours of operation time; 2 hours to fully charge


  • Low-mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort
  • Three-position hydraulic lever; lifting, neutral, and lowering
  • Handle return spring keeps operator handle in vertical option upon release
  • Wrap around hand guard, push button travel control, reversing switch, on/off switch, battery discharge indicator and horn as standard equipment


  • Fork size: 27″ x 45″ (686 mm x 1,143 mm) standard
  • Tapered forks and entry and exit rollers support smooth pallet handling
  • DC pump and chrome plated cylinder provide for smooth and efficient lifting
  • Water resistant connectors and shrouded wiring harness supply power reliably to components
  • Electromechanical brake provides good stopping power when handle is upright or lowered beyond the operating range

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