Blue Giant – EPS22 Walkie Stacker

The EPS-22 Powered Walkie Stacker is designed to support general material handling, complicated work positioning, and economical yet efficient operations.


  • 2,200 lb (1,000 kg)


  • 63″ (1,600 mm)
  • 96″ (2,438 mm)
  • 116″ (2,946 mm)


  • 24V DC permanent magnet drive motor delivers steady acceleration and travel speeds
  • Curtis® Transistor Travel Controller supports simple and precise truck positioning
  • Electronic neutral braking function provides smooth and safe travel control
  • Creep speed control allows for easier maneuvering at low speeds in tight places
  • Travel speed: 3.41mph (unloaded) and 2.5mph (under load)
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) monitors performance


  • Ergonomic fingertip control handle has a wrap-around hand guard, thumb control travel function, and easily accessed lift and lower buttons for strain-free operations
  • Hand grips fit the operator’s hand comfortably, reducing fatigue


  • 24″ (610 mm) load center
  • Fork size: 29.5″ x 42″ (749 mm x 1,067 mm) standard
  • Integral 24V 60 AH rechargeable batteries and direct-connect 110A 110VAC charger
  • EPS-22-62 non-telescoping mono mast with single lifting chain and mast rollers provide smooth lift / lower operation
  • EPS-22-96/116 has telescoping high visibility mast and inner rail, clear view Plexiglas mast guard, dual lifting chains, adjustable mast rollers
  • High-strength service cover protects internal components from impact damage

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