Linde forklifts H16 to H180 with hydrostatic drive. Capacity 3,000 to 40,000 lb.

Unchallenged performance. Linde forklifts for every application. Our customers set exacting standards in material handling. Innovative technology, high productivity, maximum efficiency. Their requirements inspire us to build forklift trucks of exceptional performance. For every type of application and every size of load. Whatever your handling needs, you can rely on Linde for the right solution every time.

The range of models we offer is comprehensive. From the compact H16 to the high capacity H 180. Distinctive design reflecting continuous progress. Advanced technology, embodying performance in the workplace. Linde makes things move in material handling.

Leading the way. Professional workspace design. Operators perform best when working conditions are perfect, as they are on a Linde forklift. Spacious leg and head room.
Ergonomic controls.
Clearly arranged instruments.

Designed throughout to make the tasks easier, more efficient and user-friendly for the operator. Seat, armrest and steering are adjustable to personal preferences. All controls and displays are located for intuitive use. Effortless, fingertip actuation of the Linde Load Control joysticks enables the heaviest loads to be positioned with precision and safety. Travel speed and direction is coordinated by the Linde twin directional control pedals, which eliminate the need for the operator to constantly move from accelerator to brake pedal. These features translate into real benefits, motivating the operator to achieve more, in less time and in total comfort.

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